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1. step.


1st month

– Semantic project optimization

Cluster all requests for services, and leave blogs like “itchy ear” for later
Build a mind map of the optimal structure for the site, so that then the traffic “spills over the river”
Prescribe manually meta tags for the entire site
Issue new technical requirements for copywriting, since all the texts that were on the site are copies from Lawyer encyclopedias
The separate story occured with texts. Copywriters wrote several texts, but lawyer rejected them. Than the texts were written by law specialists, but SEO specialists didn`t accept it. As a result, we found mutual decision: lawyer were giving facts, we were writing texts. Every of us was happy.
We work on this principle up to now.

2. step.

– technical audit

The duplicates are perfectly indexed by the search engine, but there are no physical pages
Loading speed tends to zero, especially from mobile devices
From a mobile device, it’s extremely difficult to find the information you need and call the clinic to make an appointment
The site map was missing and the robots.txt file was incorrectly registered
Missing required micro-marking

3. step.


– Editing changes

As our team has specialists for the necessary CMS, and there was no programmer on the client side, we took over the implementation.
Part of the work we carried out due to bonus hours from the company, but also worked separately on:
processing the project structure – 16 hours
implementation of SEO edits – 12 hours
At the same stage, the first texts appeared – all of them will be agreed, only by the 2nd month, but when the first texts are already there – it’s time to open the project for indexing.

4. step.

– Indexation and start of linkbuilding

Well, the project was opened for indexing. Errors in Google Webmaster didn`t appear, but the pages got into index not as quickly as we wanted,
What about linkbuilding? Initially, we decided to completely abandon the lease links and buy only articles. Crowdfunding was also involved according to the following scheme:

We selected all the forums by request.
Articles per month were posted from 3 to 7 – this was enough to achieve results.

5. step.


– Increase conversion

At this stage, all the working pages have already been created and the content has been added to them, but here we are faced with a marketing problem. Services were very logically divided in terms of SEO, but at the same time, in order to increase conversion, it was necessary to divide them into 3 more large groups.

6. step.

– Increase conversion

At this stage, it was decided to redesign the site. The redesign was pretty light and took only 25 hours, which included the time of the designer.
What we did:
Made “sticky header”
Clickable phone numbers and an appointment button have been added to the header
Reduced slider to fit more information into the first screen
The “profiles of all doctors” button is displayed so that the patient can select a specialist
Redesigned footer and added contacts and map to it
The “appointment appointment” form has been redone to be dynamic so that the user always sees it
Fonts and headers changed to achieve design harmony
Added blog to attract additional traffic

7. step.

– Increase conversion

At this stage, we decided to complete the implementation of all recommendations from Google and move to https. He went through the following algorithm:

Made a test copy of the site on the hosting
Admin connected a certificate
The programmer performed all the “gluing together” according to the technical specifications of the SEO specialist
SEO specialist checked the site for errors
Migrated when there were fewer visitors on the site

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