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The Using Paragraph Mododules

To make the site more manageable for Darden’s team we implemented Drupal 8 paragraph modules in a modular and flexible approach. The result is a site where content managers can easily author and publish content on the fly in a way that effectively engages students, prospective students, faculty, thought leaders and the general public


We teamed up with David French & Associates to reimagine their branding, website, and overall user experience. Keeping their target market in focus, we made sure to deliver a visual identity that would not only feel cohesive in their market but stand out versus the competition. With the new branding, strategized user experience, and well-placed CTAs, the website is bringing in more qualified leads than ever and is the essential marketing tool – built to scale.

The Challenge

our big challenge is make to best to roots first of all we need to best design structure to make it beaautiful web site.if we didn’t make good web site so we will lost our lovely client of roots cafe and he can’t make his cafe’s web site and we dont wont to it will happens.we are thinking about how to make it good,how to adding the features client’s want,performance and speed scalability.

The Approach

When we thinking about all challenge then we realise that we have best and experience team of web designer and web developer.our team can handle and do multiple and hard task of client’s requirement.our team have ability to make beautiful and user friendly root’s cafe wesite and then after our team started work of root’s cafe and making it with care and mind.our teasm also belieave in make globaly best rated web site.

The Results

As you can see our team had made beautiful and responsive web site with good quality.we use good image or pictures,videos and sources carefully for maing beautiful to web site.our team finally made besautiful web site which we and root’s cafe root cafe’s web site are look gorgeous and fair.we prove that we make,what client want.without our team’s talent and mind,it will never be done.

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