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What customers think of your online presence largely determines what people think of your entire brand or organization. It is therefore important not only to build an app or site that simply ‘does’ it, but which also provides a positive user experience. Let it just be that you can wake up our UX and UI team for this.

What is UX and UI research and design?

UX designers are concerned with the online user experience (the functionality). UI designers work more in the foreground and are mainly concerned with the user environment (the form): how a website, app or webshop works and looks like. Understand how the user thinks, in order to build an app or site that one can smoothly go through. That is only possible when all elements are in logical places, that is what it actually comes down to. But what makes sense? This question keeps our researchers busy.
Visitors form an opinion about a website in 0.05 seconds.

What exactly do we do?

We identify the user’s context, emotions, goals and motivations and delve into the issues they encounter online. We do this through qualitative user research in the form of interviews, focus groups and user tests, but also together with you in the form of a workshop. We process outcomes in personas, customer journeys and service blueprints. In this way, the entire team remains aligned, where after building and testing the wireframes, work on a prototype begins.

What is the added value?

You visit a website that works fine for you more often. We ensure a good product / market fit by conducting research during the entire development phase, keeping in touch with the target group and testing with the end user.

What can we do for you?

We don’t say we understand the user, we let them experience it for themselves. By listening, implementing and testing carefully, our specialists create designs and prototypes that hit the right note. And if not, we will continue to iterate: design, prototype, test.

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