Wireframes & prototyping

After the strategy has been worked out and all goals have been mapped out, the next step begins: storytelling. We think about the way in which and the order in which we will tell your story digitally. Through wireframes and prototyping we find out whether our ideas look just as good on your screen as in our head.

What are wireframes and prototypes?

Functional designs that show what the final design of your app or website will look like, these are wireframes. Simply put, they show how the information is displayed digitally. To make the concept more lively, we converted these wireframes into an interactive prototype. With this we check the operation and user experience and together we can ensure that we convert your dream design into a well-functioning and user-friendly end product.


of consumers leave a website because the design, navigation and user experience are not good.

What exactly do we do?

First, we listen carefully to what you want, so that our team can start building the wireframes. We then draw up a page overview and consider its details at a detailed level. Then we develop the wireframes and design the prototypes.

What is the added value?

With wireframes and prototyping we create a lifelike representation of what the digital end product will look like. This way we can process feedback in time, make adjustments and test new features before they are built. This not only saves a lot of time, but also a lot of money.

What can we do for you?

Our designers and developers will work in a targeted manner with the design of your app or website. We continue to consult in the meantime and thus work together step by step from idea to almost-but-not-quite-product. Completely satisfied? Then we take to the air!

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