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Artik infotech is a IT company that empowers tech-startups in early-growth stages.

We aims on providing satisfactory end results to our customer for what they required and technical support to our each clients for the Web Design and Development, Mobile Apps Development, Responsive Design And Development,Capitalize Entrepreneurs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) etc.
We are also believe in satisfaction of our clients & Customers.Because of our true profit is clients hapiness

Web Solution

Redesign Website

Simplify Brand Messaging

Full Website Redesign

We are creating a high quality mobile responsive website that successfully converts casual browsers into repeat, engaged clients takes more than a simple template install. We pride ourselves on our unique, stylish websites that deliver our clients customers. Our website design process is created to ensure your finished website satisfies all of your project’s requirements.

1. About

Hala Ventures is an enthusiastic company that specializes in eyelash products. They offer a wide variety of high-quality products, selected with great care. They have their own beauty salon and give professional courses to train eyelash technicians. They are constantly innovating and evaluating the industry.

2. Request

Hala Ventures came to us with the request to build a website that would not only reflect their company properly but also display all their lovely products in a stylish manner. The color schemes had to match their branding. They also needed copywriting to accompany the visuals with the right words.

3. Result

We have created this glamorous website that is totally in line with their capital venture brand. We have implemented the SEO so all pages are highlighted, easy to find google search result.

Simplifying a Complex Message

The first step of our work together was to help the company communicate more clearly why it matters to its ideal customers.The very nature of their business is complex, with intricate product offerings and long sales cycles, so it’s no surprise that clarity felt so elusive to PROFIT INSIGHT. Tackling this task alone would have been extremely difficult for PROFIT INSIGHT because, with no marketing team, they didn’t have anyone to take charge of thought leadership on messaging.

Our Approach

Web, Mobile first
Financial startup that got in TOP-3 European platforms of online crediting. The system is convenient for taking out loans without interaction with a bank.
  • Mobile First approach
  • Visual emphasize on the triggers
  • Creating unique graphic identifications of the brand
  • Detailed working on UX, use cases
  • SEO Friendly
  • Working on analytics

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