Buyer personas

Which target group do you address and what moves them? From onboarding to sales: everyone within your company can use a buyer persona well. With a buyer persona you get to know your target group through and through, so that you can create content that matches exactly what they would like.

What is a buyer persona?

You can see a buyer persona as the embodiment of your target audience. A person with certain behaviors, an outspoken or modest character and idiosyncratic needs. By drawing up a buyer persona you get a feeling for the world of your target group, so that you can design creative solutions that they are really waiting for.


of companies that achieve their goals have based them on a detailed buyer persona.

What exactly do we do?

What kind of personality does your customer have? What does your target group do in their spare time? And, if you had to name them, what was it? We immerse ourselves in the environment and then establish the relationship with your product or service: what can you do and how can you go that extra mile to meet all expectations? We aim for the wow effect.

What is the added value?

A strategy and communication based on assumptions is of course not possible. If you don’t base your goals on the target audience, you miss the point completely. With a buyer persona you put all knowledge about your target group in one ‘body’, so there is no chance that your message or brand will not be heard and seen.

What can we do for you?

We look at what others say about your company and listen to what you say yourself. Qualitative and quantitative. These insights and the knowledge we gain from the conversations with your target group form the basis of every form of communication and the strategy of your company. And therefore also for the buyer personas. In summary: we do the research, draw up the buyer personas and help you grow.

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