Information Architecture & UX

Information architecture (IA) is a science of organizing and structuring content of the websites, web and mobile applications, and social media software. An American architect and graphic designer, Richard Saul Wurman, is considered to be a founder of the IA field.

What is Information Architecture & UX?

Information architecture aims at organizing content so that users would easily adjust to the functionality of the product and could find everything they need without big effort. The content structure depends on various factors.According to the IAI experts, information architecture is the practice of deciding how to arrange the parts of something to be understandable.


Information Architecture & UX improves the customer experience

What exactly do we do?

Our UX designers aim at making pleasant interaction model, so that users or clients feel comfortable & happiness by using the product.

What is the added value?

ood information architecture is a foundation of efficient user experience, so the IA skill is essential for the designers. Effective IA makes the product easy to use but only united with design thinking the product has the powerful user experience.

What can we do for you?

Our IA-UX experts consider the specifics of the target audience needs.Our Good IA will puts user satisfaction as a priority. Also, the structure depends on the type of the product and the offers companies have

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